PoseTrack Challenge PoseTrack Dataset and Benchmark


  • The evaluation server for the DensePose-PoseTrack Challenge is now online.
  • We are very happy to announce the release of the PoseTrack18 dataset for the PoseTrack Challenge at ECCV'18. The dataset and evaluation code are now available here. The new deadline for the results submission is August 31st.
  • The evaluation server for the 3D human pose estimation estimation is now open. More information is available on the challenge website and in the submission instructions.
  • The dataset for the 3D human pose estimation challenge is now available here.


PoseTrack is a large-scale benchmark for human pose estimation and articulated tracking in video. We provide a publicly available training and validation set as well as an evaluation server for benchmarking on a held-out test set. The benchmark is a basis for the challenge competitions at ICCV'17 and ECCV'18 workshops.

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Key Figures

  • > 500 video sequences
  • > 20K frames
  • > 150K body pose annotations
  • 3 challenges

PoseTrack is a joint project of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, University of Bonn and the PoseTrack team.


Data annotation has been supported by Playment.


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