PoseTrack Rules

General Benchmark Rules

  • Registration. It is not allowed to register multiple times.
  • Entries. One project/method should have no more than one entry.
  • Challenges. Each user/entry can participate in all three challenges.
  • Submission. A waiting time of 72 hours must be observed between submissions. Each entry can be submitted up to four (4) times.

ICCV 2017 Challenge Rules

To qualify for the ICCV 2017 PoseTrack Challenge, you must observe the following in addition to the general benchmark rules above.

  • Challenge Submission. Submit your results by September 15 October 7, 2017 (23:59 CEST)
  • Abstract Submission. Each entry must be accompanied by an extended abstract of maximum 4 pages, which outlines the method and references the submitted benchmark results. It must be submitted through CMT by October 9, 2017 (23:59 CEST). The paper submissions will be peer-reviewed and only accepted papers will qualify for the challenge. Note that the submitted work does not have to present a novel contribution, however, the extended abstract is expected to be matching the level of quality of ICCV Workshop papers.

The entries will be ranked based on Total AP for Challenges 1 and 2 (multi-person pose estimation in frames and videos), and based on Total MOTA for Challenge 3 (multi-person pose tracking).

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