PoseTrack ECCV 2018 Challenge Results


Winner: Multi-Person Pose Tracking

Simple Baselines for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking

Bin Xiao, Dianqi Li, and Lei Zhang

Honorable Mention: Multi-Person Pose Tracking

LimbFlowNet: Multi-Stride Pose Tracker and Estimator

Jihye Hwang, Jieun Lee, Sungheon Park and Nojun Kwak

Winner: Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Bidirectional Pyramid Structure-Aware Network for Human Pose Estimation

Kunlin Yang, Mingyuan Zhang, Shuai Yi Haiyu Zhao, Quanquan Li, Yujie Wang, and Xin Lu

Honorable Mention: Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Multi-Domain Pose Network for Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Tracking

Hengkai Guo Tang Tang Guozhong Luo Riwei Chen Yongchen Lu Linfu Wen

Challenge: Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Challenge: Multi-Person Pose Tracking

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